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What You Believe
Everyone believes something. When it comes to spirituality, those beliefs become focused on life's big questions. What you believe is important. It influences your whole life.
Explore your beliefs.

Lutheran Church-Canada
As the East District is a part of LC-C, it is only fitting that we should be linked to our own page.

The East District Page
And here's the page for the East District.

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
LCMS is our sister church in the US with a few churches still in Canada.

Lutheran Hour Ministries
Known as the Lutheran Laymen's League until recently, this organization has as its purpose "Bringing Christ to the Nations--And the Nations to the Church" and is the most active Lutheran organization in terms of multimedia outreach.

The specifically Canadian version of the LHM page.

Concordia Publishing House
The official publishing house for LC-MS and LC-C