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East District Lutheran Young Adults (EDLYA)

Who We Are:

EDLYA (ed'-lee-ah) is comprised of ALL the Young Adults of the East District (whether they know it or not!). By Young Adult we mean anyone from the ages 18-35, though we actively welcome anyone interested in our aims: offering fellowship for LCC and LCMS Young Adults, providing ongoing ministry to youth, establishing local Young Adult programs, developing leadership potential in Young Adults, providing a forum for idea and ability exchange, and supporting the missions of LCC.

What We Do:

The role of the circuit EDLYA rep is to help local congregations in their ministry to Young Adults by providing ideas, support, and even a bit of elbow grease when necessary. EDLYA also runs several district-wide events a year, generally every 3-4 months.

How You Can Be Involved:

Maybe your congregation already has a young adult group going... if so, great! If not, if you think that your home congregation would be interested in having a local event (e.g.. a Bible Study, activity night, etc.) but you aren't sure where to begin, contact your local circuit rep. Maybe they can give you some advice on good resources to use, or good strategies to plan with, or maybe even come out and help run something.
If you are interested in learning more about EDLYA and getting your name on our mailing list, even if you're not sure anyone else in your church is, feel free to contact us!

PS. Just because you may be married and have a family doesn't take you out of eligibility as a Young Adult... we're sure you still like to have fun with fellow Christians as much as the rest of us!

Our Constitution:

You can view a copy of our constitution. Thanks to Chris updating it and for putting it into an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.