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By selecting yes you agree to let EDLYA post publically any photos of you taken at the retreat.

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Although anyone is welcome to attend our retreats, you should be aware that our synod practices closed communion. If you are not a member of LCC or an affiliated synod, we ask that you refrain from taking communion on Sunday. If you have any concerns about this, please talk to the pastor.

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Friday Saturday Sunday
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Saturday Breakfast Saturday Lunch Saturday Dinner Sunday Breakfast Sunday Lunch
Sunday Dinner Monday Breakfast Monday Lunch


Meals are provided from Saturday morning onwards. Those who provide their own food will be given a reduced rate. (the day rate)


Our prices are as follows:

  • Student: $20
  • First timer: $20
  • Married couple: $30 each
  • Regular: $35
  • Day rate: $20

I am driving and have room in my car for others I need a drive I already have a drive Don't know yet
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